Catuddisa Sangha – A Chronicle


Captivated by the actions of CS, Ise began contributing to the Sangha as a career photographer as well as being a member of various CS projects.


  • Establishment of AIM (Appropriate Technologies International Movement) which began its founding Cambodia project.


  • 1st Saddharma March organized in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Catuddisa Sangha Inaugurated under the leadership of its 1st Chair Person Mr Katsuyuki IMOTO.
  • Emergency Food Relief at Tagnen Village, Battambang Province, Kingdom of Cambodia.
    This was designated the Project of CS.YASU@GMAIL.COM.


  • 2nd Saddharma March organized in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Buddha Pond dug up at Prey Priel Village, Battambang Province.
  • Project of CS inaugurates the Bank of Buddha in Tagnen Village, Battambang Province.


  • 3rd Saddharma March organized in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Memorandum of Understanding inked between CS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Cambodia (registration approval). The Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Kingdom of Cambodia designates CS as a project partner.
  • CS exchanged notes with Taiwan Tibet Exchange Foundation / Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Taipei).
  • Saddharma Center to be established at Khan Dang Kor, Phnom Penh. This area is notorious for the massacres by Pol Pot and his cronies.


  • March month sees the launch of Inaugural Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service (a.k.a Seka-hey), attended by some 400 monks and followers from around the world who had gathered in Phnom Penh. (Khmer, Myanma, American, Japanese, Thai, Taiwanese). This Seka-hey has since become an annual calendar event for CS.
  • Saddharma Center construction begins in Cambodia.
  • Technical skills transfer training coined SAMU-AE PROJECT is inaugurated in Phnom Penh.
  • CS Hokkaido is launched under the auspices of Rev. Kamikawa.
  • Deep-well / Bridge Construction utilizing interest earned via Buddha Bank (Tagnen Village, Cambodia).
  • CS Taiwan is established under the auspices of Su-jie Own, Taiwan-Tibet Exchange Foundation
  • Rice Bank #02 at Prey Priel Village, Cambodia.
  • CS Hokkaido publishes a Photo Journal “Cambodian Voice” and a calendar.
  • MoFA of RoC (Taiwan) approves a joint project to be conducted by Taiwan-Tibet Exchange Foundation.
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Kingdom of Cambodia approves the planned “Seka-hey 2007”.
  • Kampong Chhnang issues a request to CS for Agricultural Development Assistance.
  • Saddharma Center (named Myo Hokke-In in Japanese) inaugurates the main hall and external toilets. Commences works on the living quarters for the monks.
  • 2nd Buddha Pond (オスラーバーン村, Cambodia) construction to commence (official decision reached).


  • January: Saddharma Center opening ceremony.
  • March: CS Taiwan / Japan joint FS team visits South India Tibetan Relocation Areas for survey.
  • 2nd Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service (a.k.a Seka-hey) – Thai / Khmer / Taiwanese / Japanese attendances. Henceforth, decided that Commemoration of the Dead, Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service, pioneering of New Sangha would be the actual mission of Catuddisa Sangha.
  • 2nd Buddha Pond (オスラーバーン村)completed. Now known as Life Line Project.
  • Two factions of Theravada Buddhism of Cambodia sign an alliance agreement with CS – “Catuddisa Sangha Union”.
    The alliance agreement encompassed;
    1) protection and promotion of Buddhist population.
    2) mutual assistance / support in projects that aim to facilitate Point 1 above.
    3) provision by the Cambodian parties of locations & space to conduct projects.
    4) provision of HR and sharing of information by both the Cambodian and Japanese parties.
  • 3rd Buddha Pond Takeo Province (Takeo Province) – construction commencement agreed.
  • July: RSP(Raise and Support the Poor Organization)an NGO managed by a Theravada monk of Cambodia begins educational support project for orphans.
  • October: CS issues a Statement in protest of the Myanmar government clampdown on peaceful demonstration conducted by Burmese monks.
  • November: installation of hydraulic ram at a South India Tibetan Relocation facility.


  • March: CS issues an Emergency Statement in protest of the escalating situation in Tibet.
  • May: 3rd Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service (a.k.a Seka-hey) – Bangkok / Aranyaprathet, Thailand.
  • June: Inspection of the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis – decision to commence direct material supply to the Irrawaddy Delta.
  • Kohgadoh (Azabu, Tokyo) launches a brand of incense stick “Catuddisa Sangha” in support of CS activities.
  • Rev. Katsuyuki IMOTO appointed an executive of Super Samgha (Cross-Sectarian Monk’s Association in Prayer for Peace in Tibet / a.k.a. SS).
  • CS Hokkaido releases a calendar titled “Little Tibet” for year 2009.


  • April: Bank of Buddha Cambodia established.
  • May: 4th Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service (a.k.a Seka-hey) – Bangkok, Thailand.
  • November: CS Sri Lanka established.
  • INEB 20th Anniversary International Conference (Chiangmai, Thailand)
  • Bank of Buddha is enrolled in the Federation of NPO Banks.


  • May: 5th Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service (a.k.a Seka-hey) – Mahachai, Thailand.
    + Cambodia Mission Gallery Tour.
  • November: Rev. Imoto retires as the Chairman of Catuddisa Sangha. Rev. Kojima assumes the role of Chairman, whilst Rev. Kamikawa is appointed the Secretary General,


  • March: East Japan Great Earthquake: Donation activities + support actions in Iwate / Miyagi / Fukushima Prefectures.
  • 6th Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service (a.k.a Seka-hey) – Bangkok, Thailand.
  • November: Religious leaders gather at the Disaster Support Liaison Group (#06).
  • Ohfunato City (Iwate Prefecture) field trip – a relief/support visit in disaster affected areas.
  • December: Buddhist NGO Network (BNN) seminar – successive attendance.


May: 7th Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service (a.k.a Seka-hey) – Bangkok, Thailand.


March: Annual General Meeting of CS.
Approval of its Charter.
Approval of a refreshed governing body and its members.
Chairman: Rev. Tomohiro KOJIMA, Vice Chair: Rev. Taiken KAMIKAWA,
Sec. General: Mr Masaki KAMATA, A/C Rev. Daiho SAITOH
Administration Office: Ms Reiko SUZUKI (activities) / Rev. Kozui HAYASHI (Charge d’affaires)

May: 8th Global Contemporaneous Peace Memorial Service (a.k.a Seka-hey) – Aranyaprathet, Thailand. * see gallery page (???)


  • 31st March CS AGM 2014 (held at Anshoji Temple, Ohta-ku, Tokyo)
    AGENDA 1: Year 2013 Management Report + Approval
    AGENDA 2: Financials (approved after correction)
    AGENDA 3: Leadership & Governing Body Transition
    Chairman from Rev. Kojima to Rev. Kamikawa (Rev. Kojima to assume the advisory role)
    Rec. Saito to assume the role of Vice Chairman as well as his current role as the accountant.
    Other positions are to be retained for another year.
    AGENDA 4: CS JAPAN – understanding the status quo and identifying management issues
    24th April Network Research Unit (April Regular Meeting) speech made by Rev. Kamikawa / Rev. Saitoh
    25th April NIPN (Nichiren Sect International Peace Network) exchange of PoV @ Nichiren Sect. HQ
    July: CS Cambodia Project Inspection & Reporting
    Commence sales of 2015 CS Charity Calendars
    Bangladesh Field Survey (FS)
    (チッタゴン丘陵地帯ラガマテ県、バンダルボン県、ラジャストリ地区、コックスバザール県ラム地区 Orphanage Visit and Management Meeting)
    Maesot (Thailand) FS – Bank of Buddha, メラ・キャンプ, Karen Minority Agricultural Training Center
    Cambodia FS – Rice Bank & Buddha Pond visit


  • 28th March CS AGM 2015 (held at Jo-enji Temple)
    AGENDA 1: 2014 Financials
    AGENDA 2: Year 2014 Management Report + Approval
    AGENDA 3: Leadership & Governing Body Transition
    Chairman: Rev. Taiken KAMIKAWA Sec. General: Rev. Teii SAKATA A/C: Rev. Kensho SAWADA
    AGENDA 4: Year 2015 Management Plan
  • 28th March CS History – a slide show @ Jo-enji Temple by Rev. KAMIKAWA & Mr Yoshinobu ISE

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