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Catuddisa Sangha works extensively in both Japan and within Greater Asia. We are an action oriented bunch, who willingly face challenges with a practical attitude, whilst remaining faithful to the teachings of Lord Buddha.

We work in fields of emergency reliefs, poverty reduction, assistance for people in communities affected by war, famine, natural disasters and other reasons. Whilst we know that emergency reliefs in the event of such calamities are essential, our approach is to assist people to lift themselves out of hardships, eventually though their own means. Therefore, the role of CS is to be the catalyst for the rebuilding of the community. Through such work, we believe that us humans are able to unite despite our nationalities and religious divides, thereby each of us supporting one another to build a sustainable future for all human kind.

We are always looking to strengthening our community of like-minded people through humanitarian work. If you are willing to join hands with us to create a peaceful land of Buddha, where each Member can both contribute as well as continue to learn and foster the true spirit of interdependency and altruism, we want you to think about us.

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Catuddisa Sangha is an organic community of people of all ages, gender, nationality, religions and faith uniting behind the will to make an impact and to build a better future for all human kind.
As an Active Member, we would need you to be available to attend our Annual General Meetings, as well as occasional meetings (held quarterly in Japan?) but beyond that, we do not need you to conform to any specific faith (e.g. you can remain atheist if you are one) or alter the way you are as a person. The way we conduct our work is through mutual respect and the spirit of helping one another get through it all. You are free to come and go as you wish, depending on time and other factors available to you at your own disposal.

If you have the will and what it takes to be actively involved with your time, caliber and community spirit – and aspire to making a difference in the following areas, you are just the person we are looking for.

  1. Work on community assistance projects internationally, working with people in and from Asia.
  2. Management of the Bank of Buddha Network and/or Community Currency programs abroad.

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