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At its heart, CS places valuable teachings of Lord Buddha, which helps us drive forward our task to pull people out of poverty and destitution.

Catuddisa Sangha (CS) is an organic network of people, many of whom are followers of Buddhist principles, a group that sprawls across the Asian continent and beyond, helping one another get through it all.

In Asia a large proportion of its population faithfully follow the teachings of Lord Buddha. Monks are revered by their lay people, acting as opinion leaders for the communities they inhabit. At CS, we aim to link with all these monks of Greater Asia, uniting behind our task of alleviating poverty and providing locale-specific projects that would foster self sufficient means of living, regardless of nationality, race, faith and other superfluous social divides.   

The Bank of Buddha


At The Bank of Buddha, we provide monetary support in order to help build sustainable communities across Greater Asia by deploying the instrument of interest free micro-financing, whose equity is made available through Goodwill of numerous followers of our Buddhist faith.

We believe that the funds should never be called "donations", which are often once off and end with consumption of immediate necessities. Instead, through the creation of The Bank of Buddha, a banking mechanism that provides financial funding with which to build a "cycle of cash generation", we are able to harness means for people to earn regular incomes and eventually stand on their own feet.

How to become a Member?


We are always looking to fortifying our community of like-minded people through humanitarian work. If you are willing to join hands with us to create a peaceful land of Buddha, where each Member can both contribute as well as continue to learn and foster the true spirit of interdependency and altruism, we want you to think about us.


Please support us financially.


You, too, can contribute to the cause of Catuddisa Sangha. Every bit of financial assistance counts, and we have set up an online settlement system to receive your kindness. We look forward to your generous contributions.